Richardson Recycling
Of Ramona

Open 9am to 5pm Tuesday through Saturday

1028 A St.  Ramona

(760) 789-9041

Reusing Our Resources

The recycling process turns useful parts from one product into a new product. This allows much of the resources to be reused, reducing the consumption on the materials and energy used to produce them!



Saving Landfill Space

Many of the products which can be recycled will go to landfills, where they will spend hundreds to thousands of years to decompose! Recycling relieves the need for landfills for these products, as well as all the costs  associated with landfills for these products.



Protecting Our Environment

Many recyclable products produce significant emissions and other wastes when manufactured. Also, many of the base materials produce similar wastes when refined before manufacturing. By recycling, we reduce the need for those products to be manufactured, and their base materials to be refined.